Parents and Carers

Post 16 options

A guide for Parent and Carers to Post 16 Options

The options available after Year 11 can be sometimes confusing for students and parent/carers. There are many different routes and pathways that young people can take and choices have to be carefully made. This guide will give you an overview of different post 16 routes.

Raising of the Participation Age From September 2015 the participation age was increased until the young person’s 18th birthday. This does not mean staying in school, your child can opt to study or train in any of the following ways;

  • Studying full time in school, college or with any training provider
  • Working or volunteering, combined with a part-time education or training
  • Apprenticeship, traineeship or study programme

The government have decided to do this because it is widely recognised that if a young person stays in education or training they will have better career prospects.

Information, Advice and Guidance

Students at City of Birmingham School are entitled to impartial Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG) on a full range of post 16 options. Learners will receive CIAG through interviews arranged in school. CIAG will be with Shelley Hughes our careers advisor.

 Careers Entitlement Statement

All students are entitled to independent and impartial external careers guidance and, in school, we will provide you with opportunities to achieve your aspirations. Students need to reflect and evaluate their goals and use information obtained to help make decisions about your career pathways. Lessons and events will help support the entitlement statements below.

 It is your future so you have a responsibility to:

  • Make the most of the opportunities offered to you
  • Research your options
  • Have ‘post-16’ career meetings with your school’s Careers Adviser
  • Be prepared to be realistic when looking at post-16 opportunities
  • Be prepared to work hard in order to reach your full potential

While at school as a minimum we will support you with:

  • The opportunity to access independent and impartial careers guidance
  • The opportunity to meet with different industries/employers
  • The opportunity to learn about the world of work
  • Be treated with appropriate confidentiality

Key Stage 2 and 3 our aim is to support you with:

  • Developing confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Focusing on what your strengths are and what skills will help you achieve your goal
  • Your aspirations and what you would like to achieve when you leave school

Key Stage 4 our aim is to support you with:

  • Access to information regarding different college courses and understand Post-16 options
  • Using 1:1 impartial careers guidance
  • Use different resources to provide relevant and helpful information
  • Identifying your skills and strengths needed to achieve your desired careers choice
  • Identifying your future goals

Parent/Carers entitlement:

Parent/Carers can access careers support for their child in a variety of ways including:

  • Careers information on the school website
  • Access to computer based careers programmes such as START.
  • The opportunity to arrange a meeting with our Careers Adviser

How we do it?

  • CEIAG is led by a member of the senior leadership team
  • In school support from all staff and KS4 Pastoral Lead
  • Careers Advisor regularly available in school
  • Regular school events / visits
  • Coordinated activities to promote careers, employability skills and raise aspirations
  • Personalised arrangements for students

How do we measure the effectiveness?

  • Annual review of Careers Provision
  • Destination Data
  • Feedback from parent/carers, learners and staff
  • Feedback from external agencies
  • Achieving investors in careers award

How can we make improvement?

  • Increase engagement with employers
  • Promote Careers within school
  • Promote Careers to parent/carers on how to support their child in their post 16 options

How can Parent /Carers help?

  • Work in partnership with the school when requested
  • Support your child in making key decisions
  • Encourage your child to access all opportunities provided to them

Destination Data


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Contact information If you would like to discuss your child’s post 16 pathway or our careers provision then please contact Shelley Hughes, Work Related Advisor/Careers Lead contact details.

Email: [email protected]  

Telephone: 07483 411759

Useful links

The National Career Service

This is a free service for both young people and adults. Young people aged 13 and over can use the service to find information about jobs and courses, as well as requesting 1:1 support from a qualified Adviser by ringing the helpline, emailing, texting or requesting a webchat. Call 0800 100 900 or log on to the website


Icould provides career inspiration and information for young people through free access to over 1000 personal video stories, detailed job information, plus practical tips, insight and advice.

The National Apprenticeship Service

The National Apprenticeship Service website offers guidance on how to apply for an apprenticeship including current local apprenticeship opportunities.

Career Advice for parents

We empower young people, regardless of their circumstances, to create fulfilling and sustainable working lives that are built on purpose and talent. So instead of getting lost, they can put their potential to work confidently by knowing that no matter how much the world of work changes, they are contributing to solving some of the world’s biggest and most enduring challenges.

We do this by delivering programmes for parents/carers and their teenagers, which combine our unique INSPiRED Career and Life Planner tool with some lightbulb career coaching techniques that work quickly and easily.

Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance is brought to you by the Careers Writers Association, many of the writers are experienced and qualified career advisors who have worked in schools, collegeges and universities in the UK. They write articles, books and web-based materials for all age groups, particularly young people.

The aim of this site is to provide helpful information to parents and carers, many of whom feel at a loss about the best way to advise the young people in their care.

Not going to Uni

Not going to Uni is now the UK’s leading website dedicated to helping school & college leavers make informed decisions about their future by showing the opportunities that exist outside of traditional university such as apprenticeships, sponsored degrees, diplomas, gap years, distance learning and jobs. However, they are not anti-uni.


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