Home Learning

As we come into another half term in lockdown, we want to ensure that your child has every opportunity to continue learning whilst they remain at home. As such, we have sent home a work pack for your child to work through. Below, you will see that we have also put together a list of online learning platforms that we recommend. These particular websites support the classwork that your child had been doing whilst in school.

Your child can do work from the work pack provided, or use the online resources, or even a combination – but they do not need to do it all. We have put recommended timings next to each subject for the online resources and these times also apply for the work packs. We suggest that you make a daily plan with your child so that they know what is expected of them and so that you can, where possible, support them. Any work that is completed can be sent back to school and we will mark it and give your child some feedback. We have provided every family with a stamped addressed envelope to send work back to us in.

However, we understand that home educating children is not easy. Many of you will have more than one child to educate, or may be completing your own work at home. We know that for some of you, getting your child to complete the work packs will be a challenge. Do what you are able to, but please do not worry if you cannot meet the recommended timings each week. Instead, you could spend the time playing with your child in the garden, baking a cake or doing arts and crafts together.  These are incredibly valuable activities. We also know that reading is one of the best ways to educate children and so, if nothing else, we suggest that you set time aside for children to read independently or with an adult. It could be a magazine or a book – it does not matter. If you require a reading book for your child, please liaise with the member of staff who calls you regularly and we will get one sent out to you quickly.

If you run out of work and need more, or require any support, please email the relevant Head of Curriculum as listed below:

Primary work:

English/PSHE - debbielynch@cobschool.com

Maths/Science - iancraig@cobschool.com


Secondary work:

Maths - davidlyall@cobschool.com

English - stevewainwright@cobschool.com

Science - annaadjei-kwarteng@cobschool.com


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